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Set of 3 Children's Fabric Books

3 handmade kids' fabric books; baby bear night, vehicles, peek a boo

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Product Details

The Baby Bear Night book teaches your child all about the bedtime routine and habits. It comes with a plush bear toy which can be dressed in different clothes. The book empowers sensory exploration and visual recognition skills while allowing the toddler to discover numerous household appliances such as refrigerator, bath tub, wardrobe, bed and clock.

The Vehicle Transportation book teaches your little ones about the different modes of transportation including bicycle, car, ambulance, police car, fire truck, train, boat, plane and rocket.

The Peek a Boo book comes in a handmade version of 10 pages. It is specifically designed to combine fun and humor while continuously stimulating the child's senses. It strengthens visual tracking, builds gross motor skills and introduces a number of animals.

All elements contained in this book are carefully and safely sewn on. Make sure that children under 3 years are under continuous supervision.

Washing guide: hand washed using a soft detergent.