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Ceramic Incense Holder Tabletop Fireplace

Handmade ceramic incense holder tabletop fireplace design in blue

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Product Details

Inspired by the warmth of a wood burner chimney, each holder is individually shaped and glazed by hand, ensuring that every piece is a unique work of art. The ceramic construction provides a heat-resistant and durable foundation, allowing you to enjoy your favorite incense cones with ease and elegance.

The thoughtful design of this incense cone holder recreates the enchanting experience of watching fragrant smoke gracefully rise from a chimney. The channels and openings are meticulously crafted to guide the aromatic trails, creating a visual spectacle that enhances your moments of relaxation and contemplation.

Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance created by the gentle dance of fragrant smoke, and let this unique piece of art become a focal point in your mindful spaces, be it a meditation corner, living room, or bedroom. Embrace the fusion of craftsmanship and tranquility with this handmade creation.

  • Clay: Stoneware White
  • Color: Blue crackle
  • Dimensions: Approximately 10cm wide and 15cm tall

*Please don't leave the Tabletop Fireplace unattended while it is being used for burning. It can become HOT when exposed to direct flame. Use caution and don't touch the burner when in use.